The digital age has it’s advantages….. Now we can produce customized messaging not just in electronically delivered content, but in full color print as well. With the developments in key areas of the publishing market, and the converging technologies in digital printing and data base management, we can make personalized, targeted communications a reality. The ubiquity of databases and the proliferation of dynamic authoring and powerful publishing tools, as well as the availability of versatile workflows and high-quality digital output systems…. all combine to make Variable Data Publishing (VDP) more automated, economical, and accessible than ever. Also known as data-driven, targeted, or one-to-one marketing, VDP has emerged as a key to custom messaging, thus enabling us to leverage this technology into your  creative marketing plan. The production of unique, relevant communications that resonate with recipients and motivate them to take action is increasing response rates and turning heads. Whether used to acquire leads, increase sales, or secure customer loyalty, VDP is being leveraged by the PPG team to achieve unprecedented results.  By integrating the use of electronic communications and the power of customized direct mail. We can share specific information to key prospects and increase retention and response percentages. Let’s brain storm as to how we can use this tool to speak directly to your customers.

    • Customized e-mail blitz with a targeted direct mail
    • Personalized URL’s and direct link response
    • Print on demand response promotions
    • Social media integration using Facebook or MySpace