Paraclete Publishing Group

The PPG team is committed to empowering every one to do good deeds and to serve in some capacity. We firmly believe that by using our skill sets and utalizing our production capabilities more effectivelly, we can empower other’s to be more productive in doing good works for the community and mankind in general. We have established the Paraclet Publishing Group as an outreach empowerment program to print brochures, booklets, flyers, postcard, etc. for non-profit organizations and groups doing good for others…. This program is designed to provide free of charge and/or deeply discounted print materials for groups that are committed to service and outreach. We are willing to stand by you and empower you to get the word out about the programs your committed to…

How can we do this? We are not made of money and don’t have a rich uncle……

Here’s how! We use empty space on press sheets of current commercial print production runs. Say we have a little spot on the corner of the press sheet. If it’s not getting used… it is waste unless we make good use of it. So we grab electronic art standing by for an organizations brochure and include it on the open spot. We don’t have as much waste and a postcard or brochure is produced… It seems simple, but can be a little tricky to coordinate. The process might take awhile to get your materials printed, but if all goes well, a spot is opened up…. Amazingly, since we have been providing this service, our commercial projects seem to keep in flow with our request for empowerment material.

How can you get in line to take advantage of these opportunities? Simple….Drop us a note about your group and current need and we will see if there are some upcoming commercial projects that we can fit your project with. If we can get your electronic print files in the line up, then it’s just a matter of time. Keep in mind that we do qualify your groups motives and reserve the right to pass on the sometimes self serving programs we see come our way. Be patient and open minded as this process is unique and is about us working together in equipping groups that are committed to do good works.

A little background – The Greek Definition for Paraclete is defined as, By your side….  This inspired us in our quest to be of service like many of our current mentors and great people in history. The idea that we combine our day to day efforts with our willingness to give back and be involved with a community of people who go beyond self. The willingness to stand by each others side in the journey of life… We have discovered that the journey is best shared and that the grand adventure is all about that journey itself.

We are out to make positive change in the world we live in and are committed to make it better. It’s our belief that we need to stop thinking “me” and start thinking, “we”. We are all in this journey together…. Let us empower you and you empower someone else. Pay it Forward!

Paraclete Publishing Group – committed to a new way of empowerment and outreach…. Stand together and stand stong!

To inquire about this program, contact: Thomas Greider at